Hello Weekends:  How CFOs can Create More Time for Fun with Cloud ERP

By Cindy Brinker

September 20, 2016
You can always tell if someone has ever been to Las Vegas; simply mention the name of the city, and their eyes light up as they slowly begin to smile.
Each year, countless travelers from around the globe flock to Las Vegas for a chance to get away from the monotony of daily life. People are drawn to the city because it represents freedom, adventure and excitement. In fact, most people live out their lives always worrying about business, deadlines, relationships and social obligations.
Visiting Vegas gives them the opportunity to let go and indulge in the activities they enjoy without the confines that typically restrict their behavior. None of this, however, happened by accident. Vegas has been successful as a tourist destination because the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, or LVCVA, invested in research and statistical-based analysis of the Las Vegas tourism industry to monitor their advertising campaigns and track the results to promote their favorite city.
The efforts of LVCVA led to the creation of one of the most compelling slogans in the history of tourism and it still resonates with people 13 years after its launch: "What Happens Here, Stays Here” - #WHHSH.  The continued success of the campaign inspired the creation of #WHHSH Beer.  By tracking how their audience responds to each marketing message, the LVCVA quickly knew that its slogan had a positive emotional impact on their target market.
It's now time to take the concepts that are used by the top marketers in Vegas and apply them to your career as a CFO.  Having the right cloud ERP system can free you to have more fun and provide the deep, real-time analytics to monitor your sales and marketing campaigns and track the results and KPIs to grow your business.  If you are like most CFOs, you often feel trapped in your office to approve invoices, signs checks, update spreadsheets and print reports, close the books and more.
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That does not need to happen ever again.  Cloud ERP software automates integration from other systems and many manual tasks for you.  The rest can be done remotely from any device and location, giving you a level of freedom once thought impossible. Imagine being able to work from the pool, your favorite golf course or your living room, and that is only the start.
Elevate your ERP experience.  With the right cloud ERP system, you can easily track the success of each campaign and/or strategic goal and measure the results in real-time from any mobile device.  Not only will your business be more successful, but you will also have a lot more free time to enjoy your life, get back your weekends, and take a fun, adventure trip to Las Vegas.
Get back your free time and create your own campaign at work to generate innovative ideas – #GBMW – Get Back My Weekends!  We'd love to help you get that free time back.  

About Cindy Brinker
Cindy Brinker, founder & CEO of Brinker+Co, is a leading provider of cloud-based accounting and financial management solutions. Headquartered at The InNEVation Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brinker+Co is strategically leveraging Intacct’s Cloud ERP solutions to drive significant value and greater agility and scalability for growing companies. For more information, please visit brinkerco.comLinkedInFacebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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