Cloud ERP: 8 Ways to Solve the Biggest Problems

By Cindy Brinker

August 30, 2016

Managing the challenges that come with a growing business can be overwhelming.  Addressing these challenges with an entry level accounting system like QuickBooks can hinder or even halt business growth.   And, yet, the thought of change keeps the best leaders up at night.

We're helping CEOs, CFOs, and Controllers  deliver value with Intacct's modern ERP system and innovate the way people work.  Here are eight ways a modern ERP solves the biggest challenges of a growing business:

  • Manage with Integrated Business Intelligence

    Managing your business performance with real-time visibility and analytics is a vital pillar of your success.  With a cloud ERP accounting and financial management system, such as Intacct, you can integrate both financial and operational data.  Make smarter decisions and proactively manage your business with automatic reports, financial dashboards, alerts and KPIs that provide deep insights to managing sales, cash flow, profitability and inventory.   
  • Get Mobile

    The new demands of business require immediate access to financial, sales and customer data – from tablets and phone devices -- at any time and from anywhere.  Being tied to your desk can slow and harm productivity.  Modern ERP systems deliver mobility to perform transactions, stay in the know and eliminate redundant data entry.   
  • Improve Collaboration & Accuracy

    A modern ERP solution connects everyone across the entire organization with the same information, accuracy and supporting collaboration.  You can share documents, online notes, social feeds and provide online approvals.  Opening the lines of communication with your colleagues and customers improves responsiveness and productivity.  
  • Gain Customer Insights with Integrated CRM

    If you want your business to continue growing, then taking care of your customers' needs is essential.  Many businesses spend an untold amount to conduct market research so that they can determine which course of action is the most profitable.  Instead, with an integrated ERP/CRM solution, you will have your customer data at your fingertips.  You can answer questions about your customers, improve customer relationships and discover new revenue opportunities.
  • Report Across Borders and Locations

    Today’s modern business is global and so are modern ERP solutions.  You no longer need localized systems in each country – or state.   Previously, you needed separate business management solutions in each location to meet local management needs.  A modern ERP solution can be the single, global system to accurately report and integrate data – across all locations and borders.
  • Simplify Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

    A modern ERP solution can automatically enforce accounting and financial management standards and deliver audit trails and compliance reporting.   Numerous key financial functions can be automated and controls established to ensure consistency and accuracy.  For example, with the Intacct cloud ERP system, you can set spending limits and the system will enforce and alert you before commitments are made.  With the enhanced standards and controls, you will identify issues before they become problematic, enabling you to immediately take corrective action.
  • Deliver Amazing Return on Investment

    With advanced cloud architecture and web interfaces, a modern cloud ERP solution delivers not only an amazing return on investment, but a lower total cost of ownership.  Saving time and money – and lowering risk – an ERP system can be quickly implemented, integrated and configured to your business requirements.  With Intacct’s cloud architecture, quarterly upgrades and enhancements are done seamlessly and the ongoing efficiencies give you the freedom to do what’s most important.
  •  Get the Best of Both Worlds

    When choosing a new accounting system, many people are torn; do they choose the version that is easy to use or the one that has the most features?  You no longer have to choose and you can have the best of both worlds – sophisticated cloud ERP solutions that are simple for end users with flexibility and advanced features.

Final Thoughts

When looking at the benefits of a modern cloud ERP solution, it becomes clear that any business can gain efficiencies and make smarter decisions, especially companies that continue to grow. Research and reporting that once took days or weeks to complete can now be done instantly, while providing deep financial insights. Most importantly, a modern ERP system, such as Intacct, is scalable and flexible, providing you the platform to support your business growth – no matter how successful.

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About Cindy Brinker
Cindy Brinker, founder & CEO of Brinker+Co, is a leading provider of cloud-based accounting and financial management solutions. Headquartered at The InNEVation Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brinker+Co is strategically leveraging Intacct’s Cloud ERP solutions to drive significant value and greater agility and scalability for growing companies. For more information, please visit brinkerco.comLinkedInFacebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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